Thursday, July 2, 2009


So people often say something about God opening and closing doors with regard to making decisions. Sometimes I wonder whether or not God "closes a door" for us not because His answer is no but because we're letting out the air conditioning.


  1. I keep trying to get something deep out of this...humm...not sure what it is though.

  2. Linzey,

    For me I guess the question is whether or not sometimes God says no and "closes the door" or "closes the door" because it's been open for a long time and we've not chosen to be obedient and step through it. The door is still closed (by God, even) but the reason it is closed is different. In the first case God truly wanted it closed. In the second case God truly wanted us to walk through it but we chose not to...for whatever reason.

    The air conditioning thing was just a flash-back to growing up and hearing my parents say, "Shut the're letting out the cold air!"

    And perhaps your confusion is simply because my ramblings don't make nearly as much sense outside of my head...

  3. I knew there was something there. Thanks for the explanation. Perhaps my confusion was because I'm brain dead? ;-) It's possible.