Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Passover (Seder Meal)

You'll begin hearing about our upcoming Passover celebration (seder meal) in the coming week.  I'm really excited.  I've facilitated two of these events before and I can tell you that they are powerful reminders of the redemption story of God - both of the nation of Israel from the bondage in Egypt and our own story of freedom in Christ (which, by the way, correlates nicely with our Free series).  We're planning it for the Thursday evening before Good Friday (rather than a Good Friday service) because that was what Jesus would have experienced on Thursday night and we hope it will make Good Friday more memorable.

I like the seder meal because it evokes all of your senses; there are things that you see and hear (obviously) but also things that you touch, taste, and smell.  You sample a lot of different types of food that commemorate different parts of the exodus story.  You also enjoy an entire meal together celebrating the freedom of God.

I also like it because it is intergenerational - there is something for people of all ages.  Grandparents help "tell" the story.  Young kids search for bread in the room like an Easter egg hunt.  It's a great time.

We'll begin selling tickets this weekend.  You've got to make plans to attend.

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