Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Outreach Leadership Team

I've had the opportunity to work with the leadership team of our Outreach Ministry for the last few months as they've collaborated on some big discussions.  They've worked very hard and the results are showing.

We launched the River Campus back in the fall of '09 in the East End/Columbia Tusculum neighborhood as a complement to over 25 years of ministry that has been going on in that area through the Outreach.  They've been a concrete way that the love of Jesus has been made known.  [If you've never volunteered at Outreach, I can't encourage you strongly enough to do so.]

Now that team is looking diligently at how they can deepen their ability to see movement in the lives of guests/clients and perhaps figure out a way to become more mobile (both to address crisis needs in other areas as they arise and to be able to go ahead of our next campus - whenever that happens).  The reconfiguration will mean that Outreach volunteers will be able to actually sit down with a guest/client and talk to them, both to get information about their immediate physical needs but also talk about spiritual needs and family concerns.  Since this process will require more room for people to sit down together and talk (currently all of the guests/clients are on one side of a counter), we'll need to rehab the building in which they meet.  [Another sidenote: If you're good with construction and want to lend a hand with the renovation, contact our office and let us know...we'll give you more information and connect with you once that project begins.]

They are also searching for a used, 14-ft box truck to replace the old yellow one that spent it's last gallon this past fall.  This truck will help with picking up food and operating the food and wellness operations.

While these changes are very important, I've more enjoyed seeing this team collaborate together and discuss how this one ministry more effectively makes disciples who make disciples (both with the guests/clients and with volunteers).  They model how effectively a team of Christ-followers can work together for the Kingdom when it doesn't matter who gets the credit.  Thanks, team.

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