Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Pants in the Family

I'm usually very skeptical about what I'm about to tell you.  It's like Publisher's Clearing House or something.  Does anyone ever REALLY win in that stuff?  Anyway...

My wife is very good (read that: VERY good) at being frugal and saving money.  She carries a three-ring binder filled with coupons to Kroger.  She reads blogs to know what deals are out there.  She's sharp, I'm telling you.  If Y2010K strikes, come on over to our stash in the basement.  We'll all live for quite a while.

She got word that Dockers was going to be giving out a free pair of pants to the first 2000 people who responded once their ad was shown during the Super Bowl.  2000 people isn't many when you think about a whole nation watching (arguable only 1 1/2 % knew about the gimmick ahead of time, but that's no matter here).  So my wife had completed the form and was trigger-ready as soon as she saw the commercial that night.

And we won!  That's right.  I now own a new pair of Dockers.  We actually received them yesterday, which might I add is very prompt on their part.  I've included a picture just to prove it's real.  Pretty cool, huh.  Thanks for letting me wear the pants, honey.

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